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Balms and hair conditioners — selection rules

For proper hair care of different types there are many cosmetic means. The difference in price does not always mean a difference in effect. So choose the hair and scalp should be according to certain rules. Currently, you can find air conditioners with different properties, for example, conditioning, rinsing, and conventional air conditioners.

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Air conditioner with antistatic effect

Different from other hair conditioners that takes great statistical voltage, which is formed during the day on the hair. In addition, this balm promotes more rapid drying of the entire surface of the head. This balm is better to use once a week, because with daily use, hair texture will atheletica.

Acid conditioner

The use of such a tool lies in the fact that the composition has substances such as citric, lactic acid. With regular use of shampoo will have a natural and brilliant Shine, while there is the effect of restoration of acid-alkaline balance in the structure of each hair. These positive properties is particularly noticeable if your hair is colored.

This balm will help maintain bright colors and prevent the occurrence of breakage, dryness. If the air conditioner is moisturizing, even the most capricious hair will be after using pliable and docile, soft and supple.

A creamy conditioner

Usually has various auxiliary additives. However, its formula is able to more deeply penetrate not only the hair but also the scalp. To understand the scope of impact of such conditioning, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. The positive impact of this type of makeup can only be the case if there are linoleic, oleic acid and zinc. Of natural extracts there you can meet the sage, grape seed, hops.

To best care for damaged hair and scalp, it is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner of the same line. To deal with dry hair it is important and necessary, using balms, in which you can see different oils.