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Activator of hair growth — what is it? Popular activators, reviews.

Hair is a real decoration of the person. They are proud when you radiate health, and a problem with them if something is wrong.

Despite the advancement of modern medicine, certain issues, including the activation of hair growth, remains a challenge, but experts persevering in his research, therefore, the market of cosmetic products began to appear specialized shampoos, called activators of growth.

What is the activator of hair growth?

Today more and more often hear that the slow hair growth is no longer a problem. Help came in the form of specially designed medium – activators of growth, causing the hair to grow. The merit of the activators is in the fact that they both return the hair a beautiful appearance, saturate them with health and strength. However, the question remains – what actually is the activator, as it acts on the hair structure?

Meanwhile, the answer lies on the surface – shampoos, masks, balms, conditioners, which are all, without exception, people are kind of activators, only their effect is not expressed so clearly, like medicine, the main objective of which is the start of hair growth.

Thus, an activator – medium, influence the structure and the roots of the hair, saturating them with power, nourishing and strengthening them, as a consequence, they are filled with vitality, which causes a fast and steady growth.

Growth activator is not some magical invention of modern cosmetologists or doctors, it is not a innovative tool, as its structure and components are well known to all women for a long time.

The composition of growth promoters most often include the following materials:

  • burdock and/or castor oil;
  • The secret of success is very simple – hair need proper and comprehensive care. It is no secret that health and beauty is primarily the handiwork of man, and then specialized tools, so before you resort to the use of activators, you must perform a set of activities that will return confidence and strength to hair. Along with this hair to prepare for the effects of activator and will answer a positive result.

    The complex consists of the following steps that you must perform:

    • go to bed at period to 23 hours. Scientists and doctors have shown in studies that in the period from 23.00 until 2.00 a.m. there comes a time called the "period of beauty", the cells are given at this time, maximum recovery of, respectively, lack of sleep affects the appearance, including the condition of the hair, which becomes dull and lifeless;
    • rightto eat, avoiding to the maximum the harmful substances. What is important here is not only used components, but also their absorption by the body. So, a well-known milk can be a source of problems if a person suffers, for example, lactose intolerance. Vitamins should be used correctly. Okay, salads better fill with oil, because among the useful components many of those who begin to work under the influence of fats. The nutrients contained in fruits, most fully revealed in combination with yogurt or yogurt;
    • do not use everyone the means to care for hair, especially carefully read the product. Besides, it is very important indicators such as the type of hair that go well with a certain shampoo or a mask. The secret lies in the active substances contained in them. Mask for oily hair, for example, will have as its aim a bit to dry hair and scalp to rid them of excess fat, so for dry hair this product can be harmful;
    • may be regularly special beauty treatments aimed at restoring the structure of hair. The complex includes the saturation of keratin and protein, which prevents breakage and improves overall condition of hair.

    Only after successful completion of all these steps care the hair should resort to the use of growth promoters, as they largely affect the hair follicle, causing it to activate the processes responsible for the increase in the length of the hair. The activator, like any other beautician, you should choose based on the characteristics of scalp and hair type, to the effect of the application was positive.

    The most popular activators of hair growth

    The market for cosmetic products aimed at the treatment and General improvement of the external appearance of the hair, is Packed with a wide variety of means, promising unprecedented growth and strength of hair. Despite the heavy advertising, should choose the time-tested tools. Among these well-proven activator is called DNC and Gold silk.

    Activator of hair growth DNC

    DNC growth activator, which is based on natural ingredients only. This drug has good effects on the hair as a whole, supported not only natural substances, but also traditional recipes. Activator DNC is available in 3 different formulations, focused on the structure and type of hair, so the choice of this drug should be approached very carefully.

    The composition of the activator for normal to dry hair from the company DNC included burdock oil, contributing to stimulate growth of hair, castor oil strengthens the hair roots,vitamins that prevent hair loss and eliminate dryness and make the hair shiny and elastic.

    Activator for colored hair, except oil and vitamins, has in its composition plant extracts, which improve the structure, restoring the damaged parts of hair. The activator, which in addition to the growth of hair and even dandruff, in addition to the oils and vitamins it contains in its composition substances of natural origin that have a beneficial effect on the scalp.

    Activator of hair growth Golden silk

    Golden silk is not just a tool, and a whole range of drugs the cosmetology orientation. It is important to know what this activator can be used not only for treatment and hair restoration, but also as a regular shampoo that is used daily. Enhance the positive effect of adoption, if the use of a mask and balm that are included in the same series. It should be remembered that as the activator this tool does not help everyone because of the nature of the composition, but quite successfully copes with the role of a good shampoo that gives volume and a silky texture to hair.

    You should not be afraid of a low cost activator, since it is due to the natural components, which themselves may not be expensive. Any activator of hair growth, including Gold silk, will act faster and better if the complex vitamins, which are also aimed at growth of hair and improving its structure.

    It is useful to do the head massage, as it allows not only to relax, but also activates the natural forces that are inherent to the hair follicles. Golden silk manufactures activators, especially for women and for men, which is very convenient, because hair needs are different. In the composition of the activator are present in oils of castor, soybean, and burdock, a number of vitamins, including PP, F, and E, and extracts of nettle, chamomile and aloe.

    The advantages of the activator – suitable for frequent use, awakens your inactive hair follicles and has a pleasant smell, which is very important, especially for women.

    What people are saying about activators hair growth — reviews

    Natalia. 33:

    Very pleased with the activator of hair growth. The price is affordable to everyone, and the effect, as stated on the face. Used it just a few months the hair stopped to get out and break down, acquired a splendor and Shine, as advertised. Very satisfied.


    In General appreciate a positive activator. The hair does look much better, become stronger and thicker than before I started to use this tool, but a little embarrassed that after prolonged use dandruff.


    The beginning of mymisfortunes were laid in the Barber shop – I very, very much shortened hair. Some days I cried, looking at himself in the mirror, but accidentally found in the Internet information about the activators of growth and decided to try to lose had nothing. Ordered, delivered, tried it and was surprised a few months length has increased by more than 5 cm! Now I advise all is a miracle in cosmetics. Periodically using this tool and very happy with the result every time.