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What kind of paint is better to paint the hair?

Selection of tools for hair coloring is a difficult task, because it is necessary, after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of concrete dyes, carefully evaluate not only their benefit for your image, but also the possible negative impact on the condition of curls. In addition to this, you must first determine for itself the desired result.

What kind of paint is better to paint the hair?

Acquiring the means to change the color or shade of hair, it is advisable to choose products from well-known brands – the savings in this case threatens to undue health risks. Paint is better to always take the same manufacturer because slight differences in composition can greatly affect the color, luster, healthy hair.

Pay attention to the information on the packaging, as some funds have additional properties, for example, conceal gray hair or to add Shine, which affects the cost. If these effects are not necessary, buy another, probably cheaper paint. The price can influence and presence in the packaging of the balm stain, which is easily replaced by another, suitable for you.

The choice of natural dyes also need to be approached carefully – they are safe, strengthen hair, but sometimes, their effect on the curls of different colors may be surprising. For example, henna is suitable only for brown and dark blonde braid as brunettes generally will not be able to change the color of hair, and blondes are at risk to acquire carrot-red hair. Teas, coffee, and chamomile are only able to give a light tone hair.

What paint color is right for you?

Stylists recommend before you change, especially radical, the color of the hair to do a little experiment. For example, upload your photo to a specialized computer program or a website dedicated to image, to try to apply to your image in a variety of hairstyles and hair colors.

Deep black colour suitable only for young girls, because ladies of thirty it can visually age. Painted in bright shades of red curls quickly fade in connection with this property require the use of special protective balm. For grey coverage this color scheme is not recommended, as after coloring gray hair may be too much to stand out.

All hair dyes divided into blonde, brown and black colors. Each of them includes dark and light group. To make the curls of dark tones, it is desirable first to try out the paint colors. For self-coloring at home, experts recommend to give preference to the cold shades, as the warm sometimes behave unpredictably, so it is better if they will applyBarber.

Coloring and toning hair (Tint)

This type of dyes is suitable for women, taking care of your braids. Tint tools (coloring shampoos, gels, tonics, foams) give the strands a certain color for a short period. They do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that provides gentle staining – they, not penetrating into the depth of the hair, its just "envelop" color. Tinting and toning drugs are inexpensive, the structure of the strands don't break, contain skin nutrients and provides enormous scope for experimentation with the hues of hair. However, tint tools are not capable of efficiently and permanently hide the gray. Also they are washed after several treatments, shampooing, so touch up is necessary often enough to repeat.

This method of staining can be recommended to owners of dry and brittle strands, and tireless experimenters – so it's easier to maintain healthy hair. Features tint tools allow you to change the tint of hair styles frequently and virtually unlimited number of times.

Hairdressers suggest toning dyes for leveling and emphasize natural color of the hair, masking the small gray, updates the persistent colored medium curls. For drastic color changes, for example, strong lightening these substances are not suitable – in this case, the more radical methods of painting.

Semi-permanent hair dye

Temporary (semi-permanent means for coloring curls), though, and have composed a small amount of hydrogen peroxide dyed hair gentle enough. As such a dye, in contrast to the toning means, penetrates deep into the hair, the result remains unchanged for about two months. However, the capabilities of semi-permanent funds are somewhat limited – they are able to change the hue of the locks of only one tone in the dark or light side, so to radically change the color with their help will not work.

Temporary paint – your option, if a cardinal change you want, and have a desire without resorting to harsh chemicals, just to freshen the color. Hairdressers recommend semi-permanent means curly, coloured and dry hair. Suitable such dye and to those who have to constantly update the same color as the pigment over time, eats into the hair as regrowth of the tresses, you just have to touch up the roots.

Today, to give hair Shine and their rendering there is a new method – elyuminirovanie. After the treatment, hair gain volume, Shine and rich color, persisting up to two months. But this option is quiteexpensive and long-term benefits requires the purchase of expensive products.

Resistant hair dye

This is the most persistent and aggressive dyes containing 6.9 to 12% of hydrogen peroxide. The more content, the more harm it does to the hair dyeing process and the lighter the final shade. Such tools are not recommended for use on damaged and dry strands – the result, in addition platinum shades will be the hair loss and burned skin.

The most common for home use are cream-color and mousses. Cream paint good camouflage the gray hair, have a lasting effect and an extremely broad range of color palettes. But for independent use of such funds requires a certain skill and certain skills. In particular, the difficulty lies in their even distribution, especially on long hair.

Much easier at home using paint-mousse that are released as ammonia, and gentle. They are easy to apply to hair, do not leak and do not require the use of special grooming tools. The disadvantages of these tools is their ability to dry the curls, which is needed after painting to use a special balm, which increases the cost of the procedure.

If there is a strong desire to dye your hair at home, choose the product depending on the condition of your hair and the desired effect. But the best option to change the color of tresses for you can choose only professional hairdresser. A visit to the beauty salon takes significantly less time than the treatment of damaged due to a failed experiment with hair coloring.