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Yeast mask for hair

To ensure that your hair has always been healthy and looked beautiful,in caring for them need an integrated approach. Adequate nutrition is necessary to ensure not only the whole body, but the hair in particular. Yeast mask for hair – a tool that not only strengthens hair, but full feeds them.

What is the use of yeast masks for hair?

Yeast is a source of protein, and he, in turn, rich For preparation of masks you can use either brewer's or Baker's yeast. Brewer's yeast can be purchased at the pharmacy, they are sold in the form of tablets or capsules. Bakery are sold in almost every grocery store. Some believe that there is no difference what kind of yeast to use in the preparation of the mask, but still wet fresh yeast contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins, useful enzymes.

In the preparation of masks keep in mind that yeast is significantly increase in volume, so it is better to choose a bigger tank. Depending on the chosen recipe, a certain amount of yeast need to be mixed with warm water or yogurt and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes teplom meta. The resulting liquid should look like foam. In addition to the kefir water may be replaced with decoctions of herbs that will make the mask even more effective. If you decide to make a yeast mask of his own, be prepared for the fact that you have to deal with unpleasant odors in the process of its preparation and use. So, most popular recipes:

Yeast mask, yogurt

The recipe of this mask is very useful for owners of dry hair. Warm to body temperature in a water bath for a half glass of buttermilk and add the dry yeast in the amount of one teaspoon. The resulting mixture apply on hair and distribute throughout hair, thoroughly rubbing it into the roots, and then put on the head of the cellophane and leave on for half an hour. After some time wash your hair for further effect add the water, lemon juice or vinegar (one liter of water a tea spoon of vinegar or juice from half of a lemon).

Yeast mask with mustard and honey

When it comes to hair, this recipe will help you to understand in my experience the meaning of the phrase "growing by leaps and bounds. To make it do the following: dissolve a tablespoon of yeast in a small volume of water and add a teaspoon of sugar. Then leave this mixture in a warm place for one hour. Then add two teaspoons of dry mustard and a tablespoon of honey. Mustard it is necessary to use a sure dry. Apply the resulting paste on the hair roots, pre -mix it before this. Wrap head and leave the mask for at least half an hour, you will experience a burning sensation, but a positive result will not keep itself waiting. But we should not show bigotry, if burning gives you discomfort and severe pain, because this way you're at risk for burns to the scalp, and as a result you will not get the desired gorgeous hair with the addition of length up to five inches a month, and irritation of the skin, dryness and a fair amount of hair loss.

Onion yeast mask

With only one drawback, this mask has a truly regenerating properties for the hair. Dissolve in a tablespoon of water the same amount of dry yeast, leaving the mixture to swell, then pour in the juice of onions in a tablespoon, and a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of one of the oils — castor or burdock — your choice. Keep the mask for hours, heat wrapped head.

Useful tip: to make onion smell didn't follow you for several weeks (this is the same fault), rinse onion and cream cool water.

The mask of brewer's yeast

Take a teaspoon of brewer's yeast and add one tablespoon of warmed to room temperature milk. Allow the mixture to ferment in a warm place for one hour. At this time, mix the egg yolk with the olive oil. Connect the two parts and stir well. The resulting mixture should be applied on the roots and on whole hair length. Soak the mask for about an hour,heat it, and then wash the head. To apply this yeast mask is recommended once in ten days. To achieve full recovery of hair in ten to fifteen treatments.

Yeast mask with protein

This nourishing mask will effectively help to restore damaged hair. To make it whip into a thick foam egg whites using a blender at a time until you have the mixture for the yeast. After an hour, mix with yeast poluchelovekom foam, and then apply to hair, distributing throughout their volume. This mask need to stand on your head for hours in the heat, then you should wash the head using shampoo.

It is advisable to experiment in preparation of yeast and masks with ingredients such as garlic, red peppers, sea buckthorn and olive oils, decoctions of chamomile, burdock root and nettle.

If the preparation of masks at home for different reasons for you is the difficulty, use ready-made yeast mask from the Russian manufacturer "Recipes grandmother Agafia". It is composed of only natural ingredients, so this is a great alternative to home cooking. In addition to beeryeast contains wheat germ oil that provides firming and regenerating effect on hair roots. In part also there is birch SAP, milk Thistle extract, pine nut oil and rose hips, elecampane extract and vitamin C. to Use this mask is very simple, it is enough to apply it on the washed and still wet hair, gently massaging the scalp to distribute it also throughout the volume of the hair and after two minutes rinse. As a result of regular use of the mask, you will get a healthy, thick and long hair that will Shine live Shine and exude a pleasant aroma.

Yeast mask for hair reviews

Tatiana, 24 years

I want to share my success in treating hair from breakage and dryness yeast mask, yogurt. Within ten days of applying this mask my hair is much thicker and softer, for they have again become shiny and silky.

Natalia, 33 years

Long time use masks of her own making, but never found the one recipe that would fully satisfy my needs. On the recommendations of a friend bought yeast hair mask "Recipes grandmother Agafia". The result of all my expectations were exceeded already after the first use. Homemade recipes masks are always a specific smell, and this means it smells sooo yummy and resembles either almonds, or fresh pastries. The cost of this tool, I was pleasantly surprised!

Olga, 37 years

Having long hair, you always want to maintain them in excellent condition. For me, it is not difficult, as I discovered nutritional yeast mask with protein, which, by the way, I do myself at home. Recommend!