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Hair loss in children — causes and recommendations for treatment of children's alopecia

The problem of baldness has to face not only people over forty years. Sometimes alopecia can occur in babies kids. Parents, noticing the kid has a strong hair loss, immediately start to panic, not knowing what to do in such a situation. Our article will tell you what alopecia in children, why it develops and what to do if severe hair loss in infants.

Causes of hair loss in children

Alopecia in children can develop for a variety of reasons. It can cause like a fungal infection, and childhood neuroses.

The most common reasons of baldness children are:

  • Nervous disorders;
  • Unstable emotional condition of the child;
  • The improper functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Heredity. Alopecia often appears in babies, whose parents also have this problem;
  • Local infection (for example, dental disease);
  • Infectious diseases (pneumonia, influenza, smallpox). After the treatment of these diseases the hair on the scalp of the baby usually recovers;
  • Burns and injuries on the scalp;
  • Chronic disease of the digestive tract, appendicitis;
  • The improper functioning of the adrenal glands, low immunity;
  • Avitaminosis, lack of minerals, allergic reactions;
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • Iron deficiency anemia;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Hypervitaminosis (excess in the body of a baby, vitamin A);
  • Poor nutrition and malnutrition;
  • Brittle hair that develops due to abnormalities of the hair shaft.

The reasons for the development of alopecia in children are also fungal skin diseases and nervous disorders.

  1. Ringworm is the most common cause of hair loss in children. This fungus affects the scalp under the hair and also growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. As a result, hair starts to fall out. On the scalp, in place of fallen hair formed a dark spot. To diagnose ringworm, the doctor takes a scraping of the lesion for laboratory research. Treatment of ringworm are using special shampoos and ointments. Often young patients when the diagnosis of ringworm prescribed drug griseofulvin (take it inside) and

    How dangerous is hair loss to the child's health

    The increased hair loss in a child is always a cause for concern. The parents immediately wonder – how dangerous is it? The threat to the health of children with alopecia, of course, exist. Moreover, the later you with the baby, consult a doctor, the worse.

    Havemany children lost hair throughout the year, grows back without the use of medical procedures.

    However, if you notice that your child is losing hair, one should not neglect this situation. Immediately consult your pediatrician, because hair loss in children can occur on the background of chronic and infectious diseases, which in turn, creates a danger to the health of the child.

    The most unfavorable is the prognosis for the development of alopecia in early childhood. If the doctor fails to establish the cause of its occurrence, then the baby will always be relapses, even after treatment.

    What to do if discovered the baldness of the child

    Hair loss in children, of course, needs to be treated. Moreover, the effectiveness of medical procedures is higher if the diagnosis was correct and timely. Methods of treatment of children's alopecia will depend on its causes. Hair loss will stop, if will be cured the underlying disease.

    To go to the doctor is even in the case when the disease is just beginning.

    At the initial stage of baldness, the specialist will prescribe the child a prophylactic treatment, aimed at strengthening immunity. If prophylactic therapy fails, the child will have to undergo a course of physiotherapy (including ultraviolet radiation). Good benefits and a variety of gels, lotions and ointments that activates hair growth.

    But if the case is neglected, the doctor will prescribe a full medical treatment, with the use of glucocorticoids. The child should preferably be taken with hair loss multivitamins, sometimes requires the use of injections of aloe.

    If you notice that the baby has much hair fall out, follow these guidelines:

    • Be sure to consult your doctor to find out the causes of alopecia;
    • Definitely get the advice of children's doctors (dermatologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, mycologist);
    • A child needs to undergo a full diagnostic examination, tests (including to conduct a study of the hair to determine the level of trace elements);
    • Do not self-medicate! Before using folk methods of treatment of children's alopecia will definitely get the advice of the attending pediatrician.

    Learn more about the treatment of childhood baldness, read the article: Treatment of alopecia in children. The main causes and types of children's alopecia.

    You can't do with hair loss in a child

    If signs of alopecia in kids, many parents start to panic and make mistakes. Incorrect self-treatment in conjunction with poor diet and lack of vitamins – all this hasthe aggravation of the problem.

    In order to avoid them, use the following guidelines:

    • First and foremost, forget about the self. Not knowing the causes of hair loss in a child you can't choose the medicine. I need to start to determine the exact cause due to which hair loss;
    • Don't give your child junk food, carefully plan his diet (preferring vegetable and vitamin food);
    • Do not ignore this problem, it can lead to the deterioration of the health of the baby.

    Hair loss prevention in children

    Alopecia (baldness) in preschoolers a lot of inconvenience, not only to the parents of the kid, but his parents. Ugly bald spots on the head look ugly, and internal problems of the body in the absence of medical help quickly compounded. But the emergence of such problems can be avoided.

    Hair loss in children and its complications you can prevent by following these tips:

    • Try to regularly take the child examined by a pediatrician, dermatologist, otolaryngologist, therapist;
    • Often cut your hair at the kid, and girls are less likely to braid his hair blond pigtails (they strongly pull the hair and can cause baldness of the child);
    • If the symptoms of alopecia are already there, it is recommended to wash the child's head as little as possible (maximum twice a week). This will avoid the loss of weak hairs.