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Dry scalp — treatment, symptoms and causes

With the problem of dry scalp a modern woman might face at any age. This trouble in the first place affects the condition of the hair and therefore, the appearance in General. In addition, arising as a result of penetration under the skin of bacteria, dirt, and various chemicals burning and itching takes a woman a lot of discomfort.

Signs and symptoms of dry scalp

That scalp became dry, easy to guess, when you have the following symptoms: peeling, itching, hair loss, dandruff. These disturbing signals to respond immediately and to take appropriate measures, which will be discussed below, not to become the owner of some intractable chronic conditions, such as dermatitis or eczema.

But sometimes to determine dry scalp is not so easy. Alert you have the following symptoms: tingling, irritation, hair loss after staining paints; dryness, feel every time after the head was cleaned even with use of conditioner. Owners of dry skin on the face and body,it pays special attention to the scalp, as is likely dryness is also present there.

Why is there a dry scalp?

Provoke the appearance of a dry scalp many factors. This hormonal disturbances, stress, frequent use of detergents for washing and coloring hair, perming, regular use of hair dryer, tongs, irons.

Modern cosmetology is nothing like a cocktail of industrial alcohol, chemicals and products of oil refining. Daily shampooing with shampoo, use hair conditioners that also contain less harsh chemicals, leads to the fact that you completely deprive the scalp and hair of oxygen. This creates a closed environment oxidizing processes that trigger the death of hair follicles and skin cells.

In women, whose age is close to forty years and having problems with dry skin of the body and face, the scalp, the most sensitive to external stimuli.

Factors such as direct ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the increased concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, acid rain, high concentrations of heavy metals in the air, the effect of the dry cold air in winter, the radiation adversely affect the scalp. As a result, the epithelial cells begin to lose moisture and die in large numbers, causing a deficit in the hair follicles of nutrients. With age the sebaceous glands do their job muchworse, leaving the scalp unprotected.

Women who have problems with dry scalp, special attention should be paid to diet.

It is the violation of the balance of minerals and vitamins leads to the fact that a weakened epithelial hair cells do not get enough nutrients, with the result that they are unable to resist negative factors acting on them from the outside. Deficiency in the diet of foods rich in vitamin E, responsible for the moisture balance in the body, leading to desiccation of the cells, including cells of the scalp.

Dry scalp: what to do?

So, ladies, faced with the problem of dry scalp for successful treatment of this unpleasant disease should start to reconsider your diet, observing the following rules:

  • excluded from the diet of semi-finished products and canned foods;
  • to avoid alcohol, coffee and sweets;
  • to increase the consumption of clean water;
  • to increase the consumption of vegetable proteins and healthy fats contained in olive, sesame and some fish;
  • to unsubscribe from refined vegetable oils

The next important step in the fight against dry scalp is the right approach to the choice of means for hair care. At the time we should completely abandon the artificial cosmetics, preferring folk remedies that help to get rid of dry scalp.

Among the most effective folk remedies against dryness of scalp are the following recipes:

  • The mask of an Integrated approach to the treatment of dry scalp involves the introduction of vitamin supplements in daily diet. You can use various complexes, most important of them consisted of vitamins a and E, which are beneficial for the scalp and hair.

    If dry skin is caused by infectious pathogens, it is not necessary to delay our trip to the doctor – trichologist or dermatologist. The specialist will likely prescribe antifungals and antibiotics in combination with corticosteroid creams and ointments (akriderm, elokom). In psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases widely used hormonal ointments that do well with inflammation and allergic reactions of the skin. There is a combination of drugs, having in its composition the antibiotics, hormones and antiparasitic agents, such as Triderm. In spite of the speed and reliability of hormonal methods, the main disadvantage of treatment corticosteroid ointments is the fact that when the drug is removed, the dry skin becomes evengreater force.

    An alternative to hormonal drugs became scientists invented an innovative toolSkin cap, which includes the activated zinc pyrithione, can affect causes dryness of the skin, eliminate burning and itching and help restore the epidermis. The effectiveness of Skin Capa is that it blocks internal and external factors that negatively affect the scalp. In addition, this tool is safe not only for adults but also for children. It can be applied to women, as in pregnancy and during lactation.

    Dry scalp is not only of aesthetic nature, evident in white flakes on clothing, but the serious problem with health, which requires urgent solutions.