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Peeling of the scalp: causes and effective treatment in adults and infants

The flaking of the scalp is a frequent problem nowadays. It gives a person a lot of inconvenience, because the skin

Treatment peeling scalp

An effective solution to this problem will be specialized shampoos that can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is also important to note that the treatment of this disease, you should understand why. The only way people will get rid of skin problems once and for all. Consider the most effective means for the treatment of:


This tool can be produced in the form of ointment, shampoo or toothpaste.

They help to cope with the problem of peeling the scalp from the inside. In pharmacies you can buy special complexes for hair. Vitamins such as vitamins pills or combine the different elements that impact beneficially on the body and on the skin, hair, nails and teeth.


It is an effective shampoo that helps to cope with the fungus. The result is visible after the first application. But it is important to note that it will help if the flaking of the scalp caused by, the fungus.

Too bad

This tool as well as Nizoral is a shampoo. He actively fights fungus in the scalp. After the first bathing of the head visible result, dandruff is reduced. Accordingly, the peeling decreases. In assistance to the pharmacy means you can add recipes of traditional medicine. For example, using a mask of lemon and olive oil. You need to take five tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of lemon. These ingredients mix and apply on the scalp for half an hour. Then wash the shampoo with a neutral PH.

The flaking of the scalp in a child

With the problems of flaking of the scalp may face not only an adult but an infant. The causes can also be different. Leather baby is very delicate and susceptible to all influences from the environment. It requires special attention and care, as it is due to improper care the baby's skin may start to peel off and will be allergic.

The causes flaking of the scalp in a newborn

  • Perenoshennoy. Occurs because of insufficient lubrication, the children are transferred. This leads to dry skin and so-called "milk crust" on the head of the newborn.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis. This cause flaking of the scalp in an infant is common. Appears in infants in the first days of life. This is due to natural processes in the body of the baby, as he abundantly produces sebum, which leads to dermatitis.
  • The renewal of the epidermis. This is due to the fact that the baby has changed their environment. In the stomach it was in the aquatic environment, and was born, Wednesday ithabitat was air. This is a normal physiological process.
  • Atopic dermatitis. This is a genetically mediated disease. It arises in consequence of the introduction in the diet of a new product, or washing powder, perhaps, and the tap water. Someone from kids does not react to it, and someone it causes a reaction that leads to skin problems.

This is the main causes flaking of the scalp in infants. They also solved. In specialized stores for moms and kids, as well as the pharmacy you can buy special cream for delicate and sensitive baby skin that will remove dry.

Treatment for scalp in infants

Zinc ointment

It is tested by experts tool for kids. Allergic reaction it causes, only in the case of individual intolerance of the ointment. The ointment consists of petrolatum and zinc oxide. Its effect on the baby's skin is beneficial and does not cause adverse reactions. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, heals wounds and relieves itching and redness.

Baby cream

This is the most popular and easily accessible medium. To buy baby cream can be in stores, and in pharmacies. Its oily texture that moisturizes the baby's skin.

Cream La-KRI

This tool is based on natural extracts that will cope with the peeling of the skin in infants and soften it. In its composition are natural extracts: a series, violet, walnut, avocado, removes redness, sores, flaking, itching.

Bathing with herbs

Very good for bathing in succession, celandine and chamomile. Herbs you can collect yourself or buy in a pharmacy, and also in specialized stores.
Help mom to give the recipe folk remedies. Since ancient times, for infants used vegetable oil. I can use regular sunflower or buy oil at the pharmacy. Before you apply them on the skin of the child, you need to boil the oil. Then to RUB baby's delicate skin.

All these causes and methods of treatment to help cope with the problem of flaking of the scalp in newborns and adults. But you should pay attention to another important point is prevention.

Prevention of flaking of the scalp in an infant

  • Do not use ordinary soap, it dries the delicate skin of the baby.
  • Not worth often to bathe an infant. Bathing twice a day also dry the skin.
  • To monitor food and diet, if the child is breastfed.
  • To humidify the air in the house.

Prevention of flaking of the scalp in an adult:

  • Carefully read the shampoo.
  • To wear a hat in bright sunlight.
  • Not to wash your hair often.
  • To followfood.

In this paper the main causes and treatments of peeling of the scalp, as well as prevention. Using them people will be able to cope with the unpleasant itching and scales on my head and shoulders. Young mum helps his baby to get rid of dry it's delicate and sensitive skin. Keeping prevention, you can even avoid this disease.