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Why head itches?

Sometimes people face such a problem as the itching of the scalp. It would seem, all of a sudden begins to scratch the head, and very strong and unpleasant. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, it is important to determine the true cause of the problem in order to prescribe the right treatment.

Why head itches? Reasons

  1. The most common cause is the appearance of the hair such dangerous parasites like mites or lice. In some cases, able to notice the presence of this infection, especially in the initial phase. Can handle an experienced dermatologist. If you can not urgently seek medical help, ask your close relatives to examine skin and hair with a magnifying glass.
  2. Another reason why head itches, ordinary can become allergic to any means to care for the hair or scalp. For example, you buy brand new shampoo or hair mask, which includes substances that are not compatible with your skin. As a result, there is a strong itching. It is recommended to immediately return to the old shampoo or buy shampoo that does not contain harmful substances.
  3. Seborrheic dermatitis. This disease belongs to the category of those that can not be practically self-treatment. Seborrhea can occur due to changes in the composition of sebaceous secretion. Its main symptoms are itching, as

    Needless to say that method of treatment depends on the cause of the disease. You agree that you will not get rid of lice and mites using to moisturize scalp.

    • So, if in the hair and on the skin infested with these parasites, they should immediately withdraw by using high performance tools designed specifically for this purpose. A professional dermatologist, not once confronted with such cases, will tell you the best remedy;
    • If the head itches and hair falls out due to problems inside the body, you will need a passing a full examination, followed by a long course of treatment. The purchase of the shampoo or any other disposable means;
    • As for the itching of the head because of allergic reactions to the shampoo, hair dye or detergents, any of these tools is immediately replaced by another. It is better to buy well-checked means on care of hair. If there are no more of a certain type of shampoo, should pay attention to children's funds or carefully study their composition, that there was as less as possible chemical substances that could lead toallergies;
    • It is also necessary to avoid direct contact with chemicalswhen you use detergent or dishwashing detergent. All work perform in rubber gloves;
    • In some cases it is better altogether to renounce the use of hair dye. Not all women are willing to go to such drastic measures, but it will help once and for all get rid of itching of the skin. An alternative to complete failure can become a regular use of lotions, balms and masks for moisturizing the scalp.
    • In addition, do not forget about proper nutrition. The diet must include vitamins that promote hair healthy growth;
    • The correct selection of cosmetics also helps to forget about what itching. In its composition should contain natural ingredients that do not adversely affect the health of the hair and skin.

    Treatment itching of the scalp can last for months. But in case of proper treatment and compliance of all the above recommendations you will be able to enjoy life without going back to the question of why head itches and what to do.