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Treatment of baldness in men

Lush and thick hair color any man. Good hair contribute to the attractive appearance and attract the attention of women. But with age, the hair quality is deteriorating: they fade and fall. Today this problem is solved. Next, explain how.

The causes of baldness

Baldness (scientifically alopecia) is a complete or partial loss of hair. Observed in 70% of the adult male population.

There are two main

Kera-Nova is an intensive treatment to prevent hair loss from the Russian manufacturer. Consists of extracts from medicinal plants, minerals and vitamins. Has restorative action on the damaged hair follicles, regaining strength of hair.

Has a reasonable price. One jar of standard volume costs 135 rubles.

Mesotherapy is a quick solution to a piquant problem

How to stop hair loss in men? You're still in search of effective methods? Try

Is a transplant of your hair with a healthy skin in the zone of baldness. This method is considered more radical, it is effective in severe cases. For example, when the bald spot is a large area of the head or hair loss is observed in several areas of the skin.

Hair transplantation is performed as surgical and non-surgical method. The decision is made by the attending physician evaluating the health status of the person and the degree of baldness.

Hair transplantation is a controversial method of treatment of baldness in men. Has some risks: can the scars remain, scars and possible headaches.

HFE – non-surgical hair transplant

Modern and effective method of how to stop hair loss in men. The treatment is done in clinic is a hair transplant using ultra-thin needles (the sizes from 0.5-08 mm).

HFE a huge advantage over conventional hair transplantation is minimal risk to human health. The procedure leaves no threat of cuts and scars. And the recovery process lasts 4-5 days.

HFE is the effective and progressive methods to combat hair loss as transplanted hair in 98% of cases settle.

Baldness is a common problem among middle-aged men. Today invented many ways to combat this disease. Procedures for the treatment of baldness has proved its effectiveness in practice, I hope they will help you get a beautiful and thick head of hair!