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Diffuse hair loss — treat dormant hair!

Among all trichological diseases, the most difficult is the loss of hair. According to statistics about 30% of people aged 20 to 50 years faced with this problem. One of the most common forms of hair loss is called diffuse alopecia.

What is diffuse hair loss?

Alopecia diffuse and uniform thinning of hair throughout the head surface. Moreover, the follicles do not die, but simply cease to function and hibernate. The prevalence of this kind takes the second place after

Causes of diffuse hair loss

Feature of diffuse alopecia in that it can take a few weeks or even months after exposure to the factor or situation that caused the hair loss. Therefore, to determine the cause of the baldness of this form is quite difficult.

This kind of baldness symptomatic and appears as a consequence of various diseases, infections, external influences and injuries.

Diffuse hair loss can have the following causes:

  1. Infectious and viral diseases of various kinds.
  1. Insufficient or improper food. Often diffuse thinning of hair is a result of a low calorie diet, or inadequate intake of protein and vitamins.
  1. Surgical interventions, anesthesia.
  1. Stress, increased nervous tension, depression.
  1. Fatigue, insufficient sleep, lack of energy.
  1. Taking certain medicinal drugs, e.g., antidepressants, neuroleptics, antibiotics, or anticancer.
  1. A failure in the endocrine system.
  1. Mechanical injuries of the scalp.

Under the influence of these factors is the failure of the follicles, the hair quickly finish their life cycle and begin to fall out more than usual.

Diffuse alopecia: treatment

Treatment of diffuse alopecia should be comprehensive and primarily directed to determine the root cause. Therefore, the key to success is the correct diagnosis. If hair loss is caused by a poor diet, then you need to fix this problem. Daily diet should have sufficient calories, high in protein and vitamins. Topically should be applied agents that increase the blood flow and stimulating the revival of hair follicles.

Diffuse alopecia is one of the easiest forms of baldness, and if you correctly treatment fails to restore 100% of hair.

But don't expect instant results. To eliminate the cause of hair loss, Wake up the follicles and to regain the power it would take several months. How to treat diffuse alopecia?


Loss own hair will not leave anyone indifferent, and some people fall into this depression and exacerbating their situation. If you wish to return your hair and stop hair loss, you first need to normalize your emotional background. If to recover and rest does not work, it will help sedatives. For Example, Novopassit, Valocardin, Proflux. If you do not want to use pills, it will help the good old Valerian and motherwort. Enough to drink the broth several times a day instead of tea, and calm emotional background provided!


Whatever the cause of hair loss need to start taking vitamins. Best of all, if it is complex. If necessary, it is possible to add drugs if the body lack of haemoglobin, which can also be the cause of diffuse hair loss).

The use of therapeutic masks

To stimulate the follicle and the revival of hair follicles by using hair masks. They are often stinging, hot and irritating the scalp of the substance.

The most popular and effective:

  • Mustard powder (sugar or honey).
  • The tincture of red pepper (you can use pure as a compress or massage at massage).
  • Onions and garlic (use the pulp or juice).

Additional components can be any, depending on initial condition of hair. For best nutrition, you can add vitamins in the oil. Mask applied to the scalp, put on top plastic cap and insulated cap. Burning and irritation of the scalp increases nourishment of the follicles and stimulates their revival.

Stimulating and stopping hair loss drugs

1. Minoxidil

The drug stops hair loss and stimulates the building of new terminal hairs. Available in tablets, ingested. Finasteride can not be taken by women and children, the tool is only for men. The first results appear in 3-6 months. Sometimes you can find the information that

Aspirin is a unique and safe product for health and beauty body and hair. Based on enzymes, vitamins, trace elements and biostimulants. Aspirin can be taken inside and externally. Perfect for treatment of diffuse alopecia caused by deficiency of vitamins, strict diet or a violation of metabolic processes in the body. For external use nourishes the hair, through the skin of the bulb supplies the necessary nutrients. It can be used to stop hair loss and to improve their appearance.

Diffuse alopecia differs from other types for its speed andswiftness. Therefore, if you notice losses, you do not need to wait and should immediately take action. Vitamins, outer remedies and strengthening of the body will never be superfluous. With timely and correct approach it is possible to stop hair loss, regain their health and strength.