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Americna water against lice and nits

Americna the water was used to eliminate any parasites and even for other diseases for a very long time. This folk remedy has recently gained popularity in medicine and cosmetic industry.

Tincture has antimicrobial effects, so doctors often prescribe it as a treatment for inflamed and festering wounds. Dermatologists recommend for the treatment of dandruff, acne, boils, and oily. Positive effect the drug has on the elimination of lice and nits and also to prevent lice.

The hellebore is popularly known as "the puppet master". The plant has poisonous properties, and in large quantities leads to death. Certain proportions of rhizomes and makes ethyl alcohol poisonous plant in the medicine, so it is important to the dosage. Every medication loves moderation, and americna water is no exception and has its therapeutic dose.

Americna water: instructions for use

In the instruction of therapeutic agents of plant origin details indicate the method of application americnas water. Despite the simple recipe and the composition of the tinctures, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the overdose causes human health sometimes irreversible damage, so how to use americow the water from lice and in what quantity and in what concentration — a very important point in the treatment process.

Americna water lice and nits: how to use

  • surface pre-wetted hair with water;
  • the bottle with the contents vigorously shaken to obtain a homogeneous concentration of the substance within the vial;
  • apply the medication with a brush covered with the hair of the head;
  • the liquid should be in excess, that is, should not leak;
  • carefully apply the medication on the back of the head and parotid region;
  • on oiled hair, put on a plastic bag;
  • after 20 – 30 minutes remove the package;
  • small comb to comb the hair, pulling adult lice and nits;
  • further opolaskivaniem the hair under warm running water;
  • dry the hair with Hairdryer.

How to apply americow water on the hair

There are several convenient ways to distribute americnas water on the hair, the use of which simplifies the procedure and increases the effectiveness of treatment. For example, the application of the tincture with a cotton tampons, or sponges. It is recommended to use gloves.

If no helper and the procedure has to be done independently, must be extremely careful: the liquid should not get into the ear cavity, eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and mouth

Americna water has the properties to burn the mucous layer and thin spots skincover. When unforeseen incidents need to quickly rinse with running water vulnerable places.

The application of medicinal tinctures using disposable syringes or improvised device from a plastic bottle with a hole in the lid is the best option. Wetted strands alternately, simultaneously combing each strand and evenly distributing the infusion of hellebore. To use the drug to treat lice is recommended in two stages. The first step is painted above scheme, and the second phase after 10 days in the prevention.

Americna water: composition

Components americnas water the following: the rhizome of hellebore, ethyl alcohol and distilled water. Substances ratio 1:10, i.e. one part of root in 10 parts of ethanol and purified water. In a bottle contains 50 or 100 ml of liquid funds.

Americna water is the perfect remedy for lice. A is called pediculosis lice, which spread by contact or through household items, bedding and underwear. Also, lice can migrate from infected people to healthy with friendly hugs or public transport – metro, buses and trolleybuses.

At the first symptoms, i.e. pruritus of the skin of the head and a constant desire to comb, and the sense of movement of something on the skin, especially in the night time, it is necessary to examine the hair and apply tincture against lice.

Hellebore helps to eliminate not only the adults, it helps to get rid of and nits. The alcohol solution acts directly on the gastro-intestinal tract of the insect, paralyzing the smooth muscles of the intestine. In consequence of which the insect dies, die with them and their nits.

During combing formed of abrasion, which often become inflamed or festering. Hellebore has antimicrobial action and inflammation quickly disappear. The scalp becomes clean and elastic, increases hair growth, so this infusion is used as a mask. Americna mask makes hair five sessions.

Americna water lice: reviews

Miraculous americnas water very often noted on the forums and on the sites of the manufacturer of the drug or on websites on the Internet. To eliminate head lice drug has collected a large number of positive reviews. Here are some of them:

Marina, Moscow

Cheap product with amazing effect! First, very affordable, sold in all pharmacies of the cities and suburbs. 100 ml of tincture costs 20 rubles. The drug easiest hellebore 50ml, alcohol and water – 50ml. To my delight, I have not confirmed head lice, but dandruff which I suffered formany years vanished. The hair was soft and silky. And all this joy for a few pennies! Applies quickly and washes out easily. The tool has no odor. Caused to the hair using a cotton ball, left on for 20-30 minutes, rinse the head, and all ready! Repeat the procedure I would recommend three days. Main thing is to avoid contact with mouth, eyes and ears! Yes, and pregnant, by the way, you can not use this infusion. The tool is wonderful, would recommend!!!

Anna, Nizhniy Novgorod

About this miracle drug is found out in delicate circumstances. Went with friends for a week to relax at the cottage. I went to train with a suspicious type, well, to put it mildly, a man not long ago myvshihsya and generally not well maintained. A few days terrible start scratching your head. The friend looked horrified and said: "you Have lice!" Local grandmother gave me a bottle of hellebore. All the insects had vanished like a bad dream. Used the tincture three times, the effect is indescribable – the hair is soft and voluminous, and most importantly — bought Shine. And the parasites are gone forever. I advise everyone!

Tanya, Cheboksary

I really want to share the experience. Two months ago, the impossible happened, that is terrible for me and daughter events. I have scabies, but my daughter lice. This desire to constantly itch appeared on the weekend. What to do? The pharmacy was only Americna water, the pharmacist looked up and said: "Take, there is nothing else! If this infusion kills lice, then eliminate scabies mites and I've done everything the doctor prescribed, and three times. Then repeated a week later for another three times. Do not believe it! No scabies and lice with nits on my daughter no. Cool tool. Try it, just be careful with the dose and contact with eyes and mouth.