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Androgenic (androgenetic) alopecia in women and men

Androgenic or androgenetic alopecia — pattern baldness, which can occur in both men and women. Most often the problem is hereditary and more common in men than in women. 80 years, 80 men out of 100 are faced with the problem of alopecia, additionally, it is a strong sex problem is more pronounced and signs.

Androgenic alopecia — what is it?

Simply put, androgenic alopecia is baldness, which is more pronounced in men. The first signs of the disease may appear in 20 years. Unlike

Androgenic alopecia — diagnosis and treatment

If you think you have androgenic alopecia, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination to exclude such diseases as endocrine pathology and diseases of the adrenal, pituitary.

POLITICHESKAJA is a modern diagnostic method which allows to detect androgenic alopecia, even in the early stages. With the help of this technique, you define parameters of hair growth, its structure. The extent of the disease and its severity can also be determined using the above mentioned method. To identify androgenic alopecia it is necessary to conduct two studies — in the parietal area and the temporal-occipital. Just the difference in the number of hairs in this area and will indicate the presence or absence of the disease.

Treatment of androgenic alopecia

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia may be initiated only after a complete and specialized examination, which will help to eliminate the root causes of the disease. The treatment of alopecia can mean by a few basic steps:

  1. Stop the hair loss process. After a complete and careful examination is assigned to the appropriate treatment, at observance of all recommendations, the hair begins to fall out less, and after some time recovering. The main tool is a drug that blocks the action of hormones on the hair follicles. Such treatment is assigned exclusively individually self-medication can not only give a positive effect, but also significantly affect health, particularly the hair and appearance.
  2. The restoration of hair follicles. During this process completely restores the work of the hair follicle, the hair begins to actively grow and gain a healthy appearance.
  3. The consolidation of the result. Summary of the treatment necessary to fix, in order to ensure that the hair continues to grow healthy and strong. Often to strengthen the effect of used proteins. The use of funds from a protein allows to get rid of the last signs of alopecia, which could remain even after the passage of the firsttwo stages.

Laser treatment and hair transplantation

In some advanced cases, conventional treatment with drugs and care may not yield a positive result. Well struggling with hair loss laser therapy. However it is worth noting that this treatment is not small money, so to afford it, not everyone can. An alternative could be special laser devices, for example, a comb. They will help to combat alopecia, and will give hair extra vitality. The laser stimulates hair growth, helps get rid of dandruff, greatly revitalizes the scalp.

Hair transplant is the latest method that is used when all previous methods have failed. Transplanted hair from healthy areas and in case of successful operation, the follicles take root and the affected area begins to grow healthy hair. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable to many, for some reason, and the result is not always obtained as desired.

Now scientists are addressing the issue of cloning hair. This method in the future is likely to become the main way of treatment of such disease as androgenic alopecia in men and women.

Treatment recommendations for androgenetic alopecia

As with any disease, in the treatment of alopecia is important to remember that the disease cannot be run. Timely treatment can guarantee you almost 100% positive.

Also don't forget about what the self is not always useful, sometimes it can even harm your health. Moreover, for the treatment of alopecia is necessary to use methods that are not only externally but also internally. Androgenic alopecia in women is not fully understood, but in spite of this, scientists can offer a huge number of effective ways to eliminate this problem.

To completely get rid of the problem a little treatment, you must take care of their hair permanently. Proper nutrition, quality hair products, intake of prescribed drugs will help you not only save your hair but will give her good health.